Welcome to The Clarence Household - late fifteenth century re-enactment society

Who We Are

We are the Clarence Household; a society who specialise in displaying social and military aspects of the English late medieval period, specifically the turbulent era known as the Wars of the Roses (1460-1485).

During this period the country was at civil war; families that had descended from the sons of Edward III fought, and brother warred against brother. Due to political and family disagreements over the right to rule their own lands and the right to rule the country, great armies were raised and savage battles fought. 
To set my brother Clarence and the king, In deadly hate the one against the other” (Richard III act 1 scene 1).


What We Do

As a re-enactment society we aim to portray both the military and domestic sides of the household of George Plantagenet, Duke of Clarence. We portray professional fighting men who would guard his estates and wage war in his name. Attired in their household liveries of azure and murry (blue and red), these men would have been expert in the use of spear, billhook, sword, dagger and bow.

We also display the domestic side of life; food and cooking, spinning and textiles including fashion, candle dipping, distilling, gaming and of course drinking.

Aiming to display high levels of authenticity, every effort is made to research and duplicate the clothing, weapons and camp equipment of the time. Many of our items are directly copied from art of the period and archaeological finds, currently held in collections and museums. 



Based around Huddersfield and Bradford in West Yorkshire, we have members from all over the country and from all walks of life. We welcome any interest and hold regular training sessions for combat displays and living history. During the spring and summer months we travel to castles, houses and battlefields across the country and Europe providing displays for the public's entertainment and education. Organisations we have worked for include English Heritage, The National Trust and a variety of local councils.